AVTV is an experienced audio-visual collective of artists based in London. We are fascinated with subverting and transforming spaces through the medium of film, projection, music and lighting. With a background in electronic music and pioneering visual content, we believe in the liberation of an audience through image, sound and movement. We curate and perform events that feature filmmakers, VJs, Djs, live art, performers and video mapping artists. Each event features bespoke audio/visual/lighting content from selected artists. 

Featured artists include:
The Light Surgeons/Scanone/Bitvert/Insight Lighting/Claudia Tomaz/Audio Dependant/

Deep Visual/Exceeda/Pablo Fiasco/Jack Baker Trio(Bonobo)/Flix1202/El Relaxo/The Void/

Amy Hellerman/HeavyLight/Springmine Disaster/Cristine/Joe Catchpole/Helen Omand/Greenaway and Greenaway

 We offer unique creative content for festivals,concerts, clubs, installations,and events

Recent commissions include Shangri-la/Glastobury Festival, Hackney Wicked Festival and Nozstock Festival 

graphic: Chris Allen